photo: How to boil eggs in the microwave

How to boil eggs in the microwave

Sometimes it's good to know how to cook eggs in a non-traditional way. Today we learn how to boil eggs in the microwave. By the way, this method is even faster than the usual one. Also, you needn’t worry that the taste will be off. You’ll taste no difference between the microwaved egg and one boiled in the traditional way.

5 min
3 servings


  • 1. Prepare everything you need. Be sure to wash the eggs before cooking them.
  • 2. Add the vinegar to half a glass of cold water, and stir.
  • 3. Lightly tap the eggshell with the back of a knife so it cracks slightly. Carefully break the egg into the glass, trying not to damage the yolk. The egg will immediately sink to the bottom.
  • 4. Put the glass in the microwave, set the power to maximum (mine is 800 W) and set the timer for 45 seconds.
  • 5. After about 20 seconds the egg white will start to fold, but the egg will remain at the bottom.
  • 6. As soon as the egg floats to the surface, it's done. Remove it with a spoon or skimmer.
  • 7. Cook the rest of eggs in the same way. You can use the same water, but the preparation time will be reduced by about a third because the liquid in the glass is already hot. To speed up the cooling process, place the eggs in cold water.
  • 8. Eggs cooked in the microwave are perfect for salads and sandwiches. If you like this recipe, please share it with your friends!