photo: Cauliflower salad

Cauliflower salad

Cauliflower salad is delicious both hot and cold. It's perfect for everyday meal and a celebratory dinner. Sweet and sour tastes are perfectly combined!

50 min
4 servings


  • 1. Heat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Wash the cauliflower. Trim and cut into bite-size florets. Toss it with olive oil, salt and black pepper. Put in a baking dish and bake cauliflower for 20 minutes.
  • 2. Сut onions and bell peppers into half rings.
  • 3. Add onion and pepper to cauliflower. Continue to bake for another 20 minutes until cooked.
  • 4. Rinse raisins under warm water and dry with a paper towel. Mix vinegar, honey and raisins. Add salt and black pepper. Fry lightly almond flakes in a pan.
  • 5. Remove the vegetables from the oven, add the dressing, chopped dill and almond flakes. Stir well.

    Cauliflower salad can be served hot but it tastes great even it's cold. All ingredients perfectly complement each other. This salad will definitely become your favorite one.
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