photo: Caramel apple salad

Caramel apple salad

Apple salad with caramel will be a hit on your table during any holiday. The tastes of juicy apples, delicate cream and sweet caramel are perfectly combined. Both children and adults will love apple salad with caramel.

10 min
8 servings


  • 1. Wash, core and dice apples
  • 2. Whip 30% fat cream (or use already whipped)
  • 3. Mix apples, pudding and cream
  • 4. Add pilled fried peanuts, crispy drops (chocolate drops). Optionally add chopped candy bars (Snickers, Mars or Twix)
  • 5. Mix again and drizzle the caramel throughout the salad
  • 6. Share if you like it!